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The right solutions to build a good roof

The rainy season into a frustrating season for some people when their roofs leak. The cause of the leak also varied.
Leaky roof problem not only because the roof is perforated only. It could be due to a less steep slope roofs, guttering problem, the gap in the ridge of the roof, installation of tiles that are less good, or because a lot of garbage roof.
Do not make this as an issue that makes you stress because they can not cope.
Here is a solution to build a good roof:
1. Use roof coatings
Use roof coatings in the form of a plastic or aluminum foil on the bottom of tiles. This can help water get into the flow toward the roof gutters. This was done after the tiles are broken
2. Note the slope of the roof
Roof slope should not be too flat, the limit is 25 degrees-40 degrees. Appropriate roof slope will be able to ward off the rain that had blown water tight so as to minimize leaking and the walls seeped. The slope of 40 degrees has the potential to make a precarious slump. If the design requires that made the steep roof is more than 40 degrees threatened should be nailed, or use a type of shingle roof that does not easily fall.
3. Check Routine Frame Roof
Make sure the roof frame in the best condition. Perform regular checks on the ceiling. If found rotted wood had started immediately replace it with new wood.
Decayed wood lead to roof tiles fell and leaking. Damage to the roof frame also endanger the safety of homeowners especially when rain is torrential.
4. Note the ridge of the roof
Rooftops not be too high because it will be vulnerable to cracking. You must frequently check this section, especially during the rainy season.
1cm small cracks can become a source of leaking roofs. If there are cracks and patched immediately correct mortal mixed water block. However, if large cracks immediately replace them with new ones.
5. Coat the concrete roof
Make sure the entire surface of the concrete dilpisi water block. Note also the degree slope, make sure the slope leading to the existing gutter water.